Covid 19- lying to the dead and dying.

Journalist Iain Davis recently excoriated the BBC for its hypocrisy. The corporation claims – incessantly – that its journalism is built on the highest standards of accuracy and fairness. “Trust is the foundation of the BBC. We’re independent, impartial and honest.”  Davis shows this is patently untrue.

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Truth to power

The BBC has been cleared of complicity in serial rape and predatory sexual abuse at the corporation. Staff were afraid to report the behaviour of star presenters Jimmy Savile (deceased) and Stuart Hall (convicted) leaving clues trapped in pockets at the bottom of the hierarchy. But the case for plausible deniability only highlights the cordon sanitaire that appears to conveniently isolate the top brass from the shop floor and the BBC from reality. Continue reading

No reply

Press TV’s accusation that the BBC has been withholding vital information about 9/11 and effectively shielding terrorists deserves dispassionate consideration. The BBC’s refusal to respond – on an issue which has led to the deaths of millions of people and the destruction of entire societies – completely undermines the corporation’s journalism. The documentary shows that BBC journalists live in fear of Israel and of losing their jobs. Continue reading