Accumulation by dispossession

Lockdown, a brutal control measure in American prisons, is touted  as a merciful choice between contagion and starvation. Thanks to the New York Times we learn this policy was inspired by the school project of 14 -year-old Laura Glass. And then used by ‘concerned health experts’ to persuade a reluctant president to do the right thing and shut- down the economy in an election year. Continue reading


War 111

Full spectrum dominance is dead. On March 1, addressing the Federal Assembly in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin announced Russia had achieved overwhelming military superiority over America. He said the US had wasted trillions of dollars of taxpayers money on defence systems that were useless against a new generation of Russian missiles. The US leadership had irresponsibly rejected overtures to reopen arms limitation talks and it was time to remove the war-mongers. Continue reading