Over the Rainbow Nation

Should talk of regime change in South Africa be taken seriously?  Well there are good reasons why the idea should not be pooh-poohed. South Africa is involved in a Russian-led plot to dislodge the dollar as the global reserve currency. Uncle Sam’s psychopaths bust nations who threaten America’s largest export. The ‘revolution industry’ is also thriving. There’s a long list of Western sponsored ‘colour revolutions’ which have bewitched ‘civil society’, hijacked and inflamed dissent and opened the door to ‘humanitarian’ intervention and regime change. Continue reading

Power to the party

Nelson Mandela may have been deluded about his long walk to freedom. “Freedom is  not a destination. It is a journey.” That rebuke comes from the party Mr Mandela  led to power, the African National Congress. Its general secretary,  Gwede Mantashe, has been warning “the people” not to make the same mistake. Enjoy the trip instead. Continue reading