Je suis Hilary

Foreign Shadow Secretary, Hilary Benn and a coterie within the Labour Party voted with the government for air-strikes on Syria. To do so they blackmailed their leader into giving them a free vote. Plumping for conscience outside parliament is not so easy. There is no right to freedom of thought and conscience in the British workplace. An application to the European Court of Human Rights to remedy this violation – and breach of the UK’s treaty obligations –  dead ends this month. Continue reading

A question of belief

A spate of ‘freedom of thought and conscience’ cases have rippled through British employment tribunals. The courts have laboriously scrutinised  beliefs about the London 7/7 bombings, fox hunting, global warming, public broadcasting, humanism, ‘left-wing democratic socialism’ and so on. Overwhelmed by the excitement no one has noticed that claimants are wasting their time. Continue reading