Pink is the new brown

Eight million men copped out of the last British general election. Nine million women – almost  a fifth of registered voters – stayed home. Apathy sucks in a democracy exporting nation. Worse, the subversive celebrity, Russel Brand, is spreading the Gospel – voting is a con. Quartering the evangelist – and press-ganging lapsed suffragettes – is not an option. It gives the UK a bad press in Iran. Also, Brand has exactly 9 million followers on Twitter. Continue reading


Slouching towards facism

Britain’s elites have always had their priorities; reproducing their class, extending their wealth, and lording it over the rest. But the high theatre of deception previously required – statesmanship and the like –  is now superfluous and we get tawdry pantomime at best. The new ruling elite has no cultural pretensions and scrabbles for shekels entirely without style. Continue reading