Standing up for journalism

There is a  mailing list for left-leaning journalists at Britain’s prestigious National Union of Journalists. Not so long ago the conversation was about whether this ‘left list’ was moribund. Now there’s a lively debate about sending a letter to the ‘The Journalist’ (the in-house rag) to voice dismay “that the leadership of our union has seen fit to ‘celebrate’ the satire of Charlie Hebdo.” Continue reading


Charlie and the chocolate factory

Paris felt the lash of Islamic terrorism last week – 20 dead, more than a score injured. Journalists at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were methodically executed;  hostages slaughtered at a Jewish supermarket, a policeman and woman slain amidst the mayhem. Three gunmen laid siege to Western security and freedom of expression – on television –  until they were killed.The threat posed by radicalised Muslims could not be more  present or clear. Continue reading