Keith Murray 20 -11-2009

20 November 2009: From: Keith Murray

 Subject: Fw: Refusal to hear grievance re: process


Hiya Jeremy,

Devan Maistry has asked me to forward his query onto you. I appreciate that we’re in the middle of the NUJ’s annual conference so it may be a while before you get a chance to address it. To summarise, Devan’s query is:- “I have told Jeremy the union agreement is being flouted – and blatantly at that. I suggested it would help to discuss the issue with a union official who had negotiated the agreement. I have not heard from Jeremy since our meeting more than a month ago. We also told Jeremy that management changed the reason it gave for bringing these latest proceedings when challenged – and that after six months. This sort of opportunistic behavior has persisted throughout these proceedings. I have for almost two years argued that the union agreement is being flouted in the hope that the NUJ will eventually recognise this and act to protect our collective interest. Management claims that it can interpret the agreement more or less as it pleases. I believe this is nonsense and Jeremy agreed that we would not have negotiated an agreement which was meaningless.”

Thanx Keith



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