Murder most foul

There is no pandemic. The real purpose of the lockdown is to gut national economies so that capitalism – on its death bed-  can mutate (with trillions of dollars in ‘bail-outs’) into a global kingdom ruled by a corporate elite. People are being culled in droves in the Great Reset, a new deal for the already fabulously wealthy. But as the AIDS industry demonstrates, mass murder can be conducted profitably for decades, and quite openly.

And so it is no accident that lockdown policy everywhere is arbitrary, inconsistent, incoherent and opportunistic. Still this leaves William Coetzee wondering why he has to shut down his pub if President Cyril Ramaphosa considers it safe for millions of FSAs to crowd into minibus taxis everyday.

It is an irony that the new South Africa is largely dependent on a Black taxi industry spawned by apartheid for the transport of its essential labour. The president knows that social distancing for show must yield to this reality.

Anthony Fauci, pandemic merchant and doctor to the American nation is likewise unable to resolve the contradiction between his lockdown policy and the imperative of sustaining corporate funded BLM protests to dislodge Trump.

The mainstream media has been a crucial part of the coronavirus plot. It has relentlessly promoted the official narrative, terrorised the public out of its wits, purged all critical analysis and banned dissident opinion no matter how credible. Editors have ignored a 93-page report by a panel of medical experts exposing the absurdity of the lockdown response in Germany – and downsized the protests it sparked in Berlin.

Instead of  information we get drivel like this from somebody who should know better.

Three previous posts, The Communist Virus, The Capitalist Virus and Accumulation by Dispossession, have shown:

  • The novel SARS-COV-2 virus has not been isolated and purified. ‘Factcheckers’ cannot prove that it exists scientifically.
  • The WHO has a track-record of declaring ‘pandemics’ to push vaccine sales. The organisation works for Bill and Melinda Gates and their ‘Big Pharma’ cronies.
  • Sensational predictions that millions would die in the US and Britain came from institutions funded by the B&M Gates Foundation.
  • Even manipulated statistics suggest the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been in the range of mild to severe seasonal influenza outbreaks.
  • There is no scientific justification for mass quarantine, social-distancing, face-covering and industrial scale ventilation. Or for death by lockdown.
  • There is nothing to trace and track except people whose presence on the planet Bill and his buddies at the Rockefeller Foundation would like to reduce.
  • For those who need to be convinced that we are in deep and desperate trouble, Swiss Policy Research is a valuable resource.

Robert J Burrowes observes:

Given that it has not been scientifically established that the COVID-19 novel virus exists, it is therefore clear that everything being done supposedly in the effort to tackle the ‘virus’ is being done for another purpose and COVID-19 is being used to conceal this fact.

The grand feature of the coronavirus charade is the ease with which such charges are evaded. Even the bedrock issue of whether pathogenic viruses are real can be blatantly ignored. Science, weaponised against humanity by the medical-pharmaceutical-financial complex is now the greatest threat to health on the planet.

The HIV-AIDS industry illustrates the reality.  Drug companies have raked in billions in profits from deliberately poisoning a generation of victims. Here’s  Dr Luc Montagnier, ‘co-discoverer of HIV’ confirming none of this suffering is necessary. The clip is from Brent Leung’s documentary, House of Numbers released in 2009.

The interview ends with Montagnier contrasting his view with that of Anthony Fauci, America’s high priest of death by exotic disease. Fauci, who masterminded the AIDS scam is now repeating the trick with the imaginary COV-SARS-2 virus. He is the director  of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and epitomises the conflict of interest between public health and private profit. William Engdahl provides a timely portrait of The Talented Dr Fauci.

Tony Fauci has held the top post at the NIAID in Washington for an astonishing 36 years. Today he is well past retirement age at 79, and holds the funds to determine which drug companies or university researchers will get precious government funds or not from NIAID’s annual $5 billion budget…Fauci has more influence over US national policy on the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic than anyone, including the President. Much of media treats him with awe as an unimpeachable scientist, one of the world’s finest. A closer look at Anthony Fauci’s career gives a starkly different picture, a very alarming one in fact.

In 1984 Fauci bypassed the peer review process – and the need for microscopic analysis – to herald the discovery of the AIDS virus by one of his researchers, Robert Gallo. The media was told that AIDS is “the public health threat of the century”. Fauci then switched the focus of NIAID research from the role of poppers and nitrates in the deaths of the earliest AIDS patients to finding a cure for the ‘disease.’ The funding flowed in and Gallo made millions from HIV tests, endorsed by Fauci as highly accurate in 1984 and even more so in 2006.

Engdahl notes these claims were sharply rebutted by Roberto Giraldo and Etienne de Harven in their 2006 paper HIV Tests Cannot Diagnose HIV Infection” – which for a while back then rumbled the AIDS orthodoxy. The authors made the following points.

  • Pharmaceutical companies know that HIV tests are not specific for HIV.
  • HIV has never been either isolated or purified as a real virus.
  •  So-called “HIV proteins” and HIV-RNA are not specific markers of HIV.
  •  There are abundant scientific publications explaining that there are more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an HIV infection
  • In the US you have to test positive for AIDS. However, AIDS in many countries of Africa can be diagnosed without an HIV test or any other laboratory test on the basis of routine clinical symptoms commonly expressed as a direct consequence of poverty.
  • The fact that the defenders of the “HIV is the cause of AIDS” hypothesis had to use genetic amplification – the PCR test – is a strong argument against HIV as the cause of AIDS. To have to amplify tiny amounts of genetic material in the blood of AIDS patients in order to identify HIV, instead of culturing the entire virus and isolating it, violates one of the central rules for establishing the cause of infectious diseases.
  • Experiments proposed during the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel in 2000 to determine, once and for all, whether HIV could be isolated and purified according to classical virological methods -and what is the real significance of testing positively on “tests for HIV”- have not been carried out yet.

It’s remarkable that the same PCR technique is currently used to ‘test for SARS-COV-2’ without a qualm about the results obtained.

The AIDs paradigm is systematically racist. In their 1997 paper Aids and Africa: A Case of Racism vs Science? Rosalind Harrison and Richard Chirimuuta note that most research on AIDS in Africa was motivated only by a desire to prove an African origin of the disease, and was greeted with enthusiasm by the Western scientific community.

Two AIDS “experts” from St Mary’s Hospital in London even offered this explanation:
“Monkeys are often hunted for food in Africa. It may be that a hunting accident of some sort, or an accident in preparation for cooking, brought people in contact with infected blood. Once caught, monkeys are often kept in huts for some time before they are eaten. Dead monkeys are sometimes used as toys by African children.”
Are we seriously to believe that African parents are so desperate for toys for their children that they give them putrefying carcasses of dead animals? More fantastic suggestions were published in The Lancet:
Sir: The isolation from monkeys of retroviruses closely related to HIV strongly suggests a simian origin for this virus… Several unlikely hypotheses have been put forward… In his book on the sexual life of people of the Great Lakes area of Africa Kashamura writes: “to stimulate a man or a woman and induce them to intense sexual activity, monkey blood [for a man] or she-monkey blood [for a woman] was directly inoculated in the pubic area and also the thighs and back. These magic practices would therefore constitute an efficient experimental transmission model and could be responsible for the emergence of AIDS in man.”

More recently The Lancet’s publication – and subsequent retraction – of a discredited paper, has drawn attention again to the corruption of the peer-review process and the manipulation of scientific journals.

Michel Chossudovsky describes the paper (co-ordinated by Harvard professor Mandeep Mehra) as a campaign to smear hydroxychloroquine – a cheap and effective treatment for coronavirus symptoms cleared for use in America 15 years ago – and promote Remdesivir produced by drug giant Gilead Science at a cost of $3,200 a patient. He names Anthony Fauci as a key figure in the plot and traces his links to Gilead.

On April 10 a Gilead sponsored report, Compassionate Use of Remdesivir for Patients with Severe Covid 19 was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was co-authored by an impressive list of 56 distinguished medical doctors and scientists, many of whom were recipients of consulting fees from Gilead Sciences Inc. It was also shot-down as dross by scientists outside the Gilead fold. Disconcertingly, both the hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivar studies were conducted simultaneously by  Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

On May 22 a National Institute of Health/NIAID study backing Remdesivir appeared in the NEJM. The paper undermining hydroxychloroquine was published on the same day in The Lancet.

Immediately following its publication, the media went into high gear, smearing the HCQ cure, while applauding the NIH-NIAID report. Remdesivir, the only drug cleared to treat Covid-19, sped the recovery time of patients with the disease, … “It’s a very safe and effective drug,” said Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute. “We now have a definite first efficacious drug for Covid-19, which is a major step forward and will be built upon with other drugs, [and drug] combinations.” When the Lancet HCQ article by  Bingham-Harvard was retracted on June 5, it was too late, it received minimal media coverage. Despite the retraction, the HCQ cure “had been killed”.

On June 29, based on the findings of the NIH-NIAID Report, Gilead secured a $1,6 billion contract from the US government for 500 000 doses of its virtually untested drug showing only marginal efficacy in the hospital setting.

Fauci has form when it comes to discounting the risk of controversial therapies. In 1987 he recommended AZT, the Burroughs Welcome chemotherapy drug for HIV diagnosed patients -including pregnant women- without symptoms. The decision was based on a highly biased study provided by the company. The failed and highly toxic leukaemia drug was approved for testing in a record five days.

In 2007 Fauci teamed with Gilead on an astonishing “pre-exposure prophylaxis” (PrEP) project aimed at treating healthy people with toxic drugs to ensure they never got AIDS. In 2014 Gilead’s Truvada was approved – despite the failure of two tests – by tweaking the data. This dangerous drug is supposed to “help reduce the risk of getting HIV-1 through sex, when taken every day and used together with safer sex practices.”

Tony Fauci is not alone in building a career on a non-existent virus. Trump’s other top scientific advisors, Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield are also incestuously complicit in the AIDS fraud. “It’s not a good situation” says Engdahl, “that today they hold the future of not only American public health, but also of the entire world economy in their hands.

Nothing illustrates the danger more clearly than how the government of India is now effectively exercised by the Public Health Foundation for India – a club of billionaires backed by Bill Gates and drugs corporations.


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