Cold-eyed revolution

‘Third World’ misery hardly gets a mention as insecurity in the West mounts. Neo-colonialism in the South is rationalised as an amoral and inevitable consequence of globalisation. Nothing’s unfair any more. Ironically Britain may prove to be the catalyst for change and widespread revolt.

Here’s Takis Fotopoulos:

June 23rd 2016 is the day that could, potentially, change history. Not only in Britain itself but also in Europe as a whole ¾ of which is now controlled by the European branch of the Transnational Elite (TE), that is the network of transnational political, economic, media and cultural elites, mainly based in the G7 countries which run the world. The British referendum was a terrific slap in the faces, not only of the Euro-elites, but also of the whole Transnational Elite and the neoliberal globalization run by it. That is, a globalization that has already pushed billions of people around the world (including the British) to economic and social degradation, or, alternatively, to physical extermination and dislocation through the wars unleashed during its rule…

Fotopoulos notes that even The Observer acknowledges the revolutionary nature of the Brexit vote.

Anyone who has witnessed the aftermath of a super typhoon in countries such as the Philippines or seen the devastation caused by the hurricanes that occasionally ravage the Caribbean and southern US would readily recognize the dramatically altered political, economic and social landscape of the United Kingdom following last week’s thunderous vote to leave the European Union. The damage caused by this constitutional mega-storm is ubiquitous, unquantifiable and, in some key instances, irreparable…The hitherto dominant influence of the City, big business, financial institutions, the US government, international watchdogs such as the IMF and myriad economic experts was contemptuously blown aside.

As was the arrogance of a political elite that unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate and blackmail the electorate into voting to remain in the EU. And which now derides the leave vote as an expression of working class racism and xenophobia, even as the Union crushes the citizens of member states and ramps up the possibility of nuclear war.

Brexit has intensified the efforts of Labour MPs to force the party’s socialist leader, Jeremy Corbyn, out of office. His election last year –   by a historic majority of members – has revitalised the party. Those plotting against him say although he is a decent man he lacks the style to lead the party to an electoral victory and the new Jerusalem. John Newsinger suggests they hate Corbyn for less elevated reasons.

 It is worth remembering that Tony Blair was elected to office back in 1997 in a great electoral rejection of Thatcherism, in the confident expectation that measures would be taken to actually roll back at least some of the Thatcherite counterrevolution…This was never the intention of New Labour…One necessary consequence of this was that New Labour became a byword for dishonesty, for the brazen lie and the sincere deception. This was necessary because New Labour was itself a lie, a party that was at the service of the rich and super rich, that had been elected on the promise that it wasn’t…Under the new dispensation, ‘sleaze’ became routine, the essential lubricant of the British political system. This has produced a breed of politicians in all the major parties whose objective in life is to enrich themselves personally, not so much by taking bribes while in government, but by entering into lucrative employment with the banks and businesses to which they had had been of service while in government. In Britain we have a system of corruption by ‘IOU’, post-dated bribes to be redeemed once the recipient has left office… British politicians from all parties see themselves as being there to look after the interests of big business and the rich; and they hope to prosper in the process…

Corbyn has shattered this cosy Westminster consensus and left a rotten clutch of ‘Blairite’ MPs with little influence to peddle. He must be removed, the party returned to the establishment fold – or destroyed as a progressive force – if they are to get their snouts back in the trough. They must demonstrate they have a role in reversing the result of the referendum; in arresting the contagion before it spreads and unravels plans for the corporate governance of the EU’s captive states.

Thus far the counterrevolution has been counterproductive. It has merely exposed the venality of the establishment left and the ugliness of the mainstream media. Here’s Lesley Docksey.

“Labour Party in Turmoil!”  “Is Labour going to split?”  “The Labour Party is increasingly anti-Semitic”  “Jeremy Corbyn Told To Do More to Prevent Abuse of Female Labour MPs”  “Eagle accuses Corbyn supporters of ‘bullying’ Labour rebels”  “The Breaking of the Labour Party”  “Jeremy Corbyn’s deselection threat means Labour’s civil war is now a fight to the death”….What is it about this man that so frightens them?  He is not perfect, but perhaps it is simply that his principles are so clear, so unbendable or unbreakable, that he makes these self-important people all look small – which, in competition with someone of his stature, they are. But what is even more worrying from their point of view is that when this aging, non-egotistical and upright politician speaks, he makes every individual in the huge crowds that he attracts feel and look big. And every day there are more people joining the crowd. Labour now has well over half a million members, more than all the other UK parties combined. People don’t follow Corbyn because they believe he will change the world for them, but because he makes them believe that they can change the world.  And they’ll make a start by changing the Labour Party.

The attempt to bully Corbyn into submission affronts a large part of the public exposed to similar humiliation on a daily basis and for whom decency still matters. More importantly the challenge to his leadership by Welsh MP Owen Smith – involving hustings into late September – allows Corbyn to continue to spread a subversive message of popular rebellion.

In his opening speech Smith dismissed the Brexit vote as a barren response to frustration. Highlighting social inequality and insecurity he said, “In a Britain like that, is it any surprise that people jump at a promise to take back control – no matter how hollow.” If elected he has promised a second referendum on Brexit. Meanwhile he coyly extolls:

Revolution not evolution. Not some misty eyed romanticism about a revolution to overthrow capitalism. But a cold eyed and practical revolution, through a radical Labour Government that puts in place the laws and the levers that can genuinely even things up.

It’s worth noting that Mr Smith has been called an arsehole for equating Tony Blair’s illegal onslaught on Iraq with the struggle against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

Those who expected a short ride and a credibility puff now find it necessary to ditch Corbyn. Others like Owen Jones – “one of the few left-wing journalists with a public platform” – raise profound questions out of genuine concern.

1.How can the disastrous polling be turned around?
2.Where is the clear vision?
3. How are the policies significantly different from the last general election?
4. What’s the media strategy?
5. What’s the strategy to win over the over-44s?
6. What’s the strategy to win over Scotland?
7. What’s the strategy to win over Conservative voters?
8. How would we deal with people’s concerns about immigration?
9. How can Labour’s mass membership be mobilised?

Jones says a lack of answers has led to an existential crisis.

As things stand, all the evidence suggests that Labour — and the left as a whole — is on the cusp of a total disaster. Many of you won’t thank me now. But what will you say when you see the exit poll at the next general election and Labour is set to be wiped out as a political force? What will you say when — whenever you mention anything vaguely left-wing, you’re mocked for the rest of your life, a throwback to the discredited Labour era of the 2010s? Will you just comfort yourself by blaming it on the mainstream media and the PLP? Will that get you through a lifetime of Tory rule? My questions may strike you as unhelpful or uncomfortable. I’m beyond caring. Call me a Blairite, Tory, Establishment stooge, careerist, sell-out, whatever makes you feel better. The situation is extremely grave and unless satisfactory answers are offered, we are nothing but the accomplices of the very people we oppose.

I think Mr Jones frets unduly. Those of us in the ‘Third World’,  gifted cricket in return for our wealth and blood, know that Jeremy must continue to occupy the crease and let the ball come onto the bat.


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