Watch closely now

In a marathon debate in Westminster today, a majority of MPs will lie about protecting Britons from Islamic State terrorists. What they really want is to   bomb the Syrian government out of power. To help appreciate the incomparable hypocrisy of the honourable members the following program notes may be useful.

  • Coverage begins on the BBC at 11.30 local time.
  • Military action taken under UN Security Council Resolution 2249 will be illegal. See here and here.
  • The claim that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has been killing his people in droves using barrel bombs and chemical weapons is utter rubbish.
  • Islamic State has been created, funded and armed by the West to wage a proxy war against the Syrian Arab Republic and to sustain the myth of the global war on terror.
  • There are no moderate rebels.
  • There is no need for British air strikes. Russian intervention is obliterating IS in Syria.
  • There are no pressing domestic reasons for Britain’s involvement in an expensive and illegal war.
  • There will be few -if any – references to the London 7/7 bombings and the scourge of home grown terrorism which cannot be prevented by attacking Syria.
  •  Instead the government will claim that seven IS terror plots have been foiled in the past year. The details of course cannot  be revealed for reasons of national security.
  • The risk of a nuclear confrontation with Russia over the removal of Assad will not be mentioned.

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